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About The Triumphant Woman

Imagine what you could achieve with focused attention and a guide that partners with you as you realise your goals and vision

You know that there is a fuller version of you that you want to share authentically, confidently and with purpose.

You have been trying to make changes, but you find yourself starting and stopping, and barely moving forward.

The Triumphant Woman was created to help you live confidently, authentically and with purpose. Its training and coaching programmes are there to help you overcome your obstacles in a practical way and help you reach your goals faster. You effectively get an independent, non-judgemental listening ear and practical solutions that facilitates your goal attainment.

The Triumphant woman is guided by the following principles.


There is an acknowledgement that there are gender differences in preferred learning styles. In addition there is a consistent, sizeable confidence gap between females and their male counterparts, with women more likely to miss out on opportunities, and not achieve the success and fulfilment that they truly desire in their work.


We make it our business and a priority to know and understand the challenges currently faced and its implications , as well providing solutions through a hub of free and paid resources.


This is the ultimate win-win for both the employer and employee because it implies increased engagement and productivity levels. The late Apple founder Steve Jobs couldn’t have described it any better. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” For anyone that truly wants both success and fulfilment, this is absolutely critical whether you are running your own business or you are an employee.


This comes to fruition at its optimal state when we are doing work we love that is rewarding, enabling us to contribute to our extended community.


This is a piece that facilitates progression as opposed to regression, leveraging the benefits of social learning. Recognising that we subconsciously meet the expectations of our peers, whether online or offline there are opportunities to connect with like-minded motivated individuals like you.


Blending both the science of evidence based coaching tools and techniques yet with an agile approach giving you every chance for success whatever your story for as long you are ready to commit to the process.


About the founder: Philippa

Chartered global management accountant turned trainer and qualified and accredited coach and mentor. For many years, I effectively chased status and recognition. On the surface, I had achieved a level of success, was making a good living, and I could choose to travel wherever I wanted in the world. I may have seemed happy and fulfilled to some but unfortunately the reality was quite different. I had two key problems that I was carrying.


I was plagued with confidence dis-ease. Ironically I was the 5’10”+ ethnic minority Accountant that hid behind emails, wanted to blend into the background and did not want to be seen. That was comfort zone for me. As you can imagine, that situation was quite a tall order to sustain.


 Secondly, since the very early years of my profession, I had tried and failed on many occasions to get out of it. I frequently changed bosses, role types, companies, industry, thinking, hoping that one day I would land the job that I would look forward to doing, one that fulfilled me…and I did find it, but only briefly. A company buyout later, and I could no longer recognise the culture and values of the new world as something that was congruent to me. Worse still I projected forward 30 years and I felt depressed about the thought of living and working in this way with these feelings for that long. I had already experience burn out in my mid-20s, and I dreaded what was in store for my health and other areas of my life had I continued down that path, unhappy, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.


Suffice to say, in spite of the pain experienced, the solutions were not blindingly obvious. In part because the pain was buried so deep, I was effectively living from day to day in a robotic manner. I only became awakened to the extent of my reality upon return from a 3 month sabbatical abroad. During that sabbatical, I had started to wake up and I had woken enough to realise something was wrong upon my return. You see, it was when I returned and effectively revisited my old life that it became crystal clear to me that I was living inauthentically.


 I subsequently made the decision to invest the resources necessary to commit to find the solutions to my 2 problems. Layer by layer as time passed I peeled away my dependence on the good opinion of others; I dropped my mind gremlins and my struggles with visibility. I accessed and integrated what it is to live authentically, with confidence and purpose, and now living happier and healthier than ever before.


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