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“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and all the women commented how much they enjoyed the sessions so thank you.”

Solace Womens Aid



“Philippa hosted an excellent workshop with TfL’s Women’s Network as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations. Philippa was very receptive to the needs of our members and she tailored her content towards confidence building and resilience through times of change, something that our members specifically asked for during the ongoing reorganisation. Philippa’s course had excellent feedback and a number of our members commented on how they are using the tools and insights that they learned about in the workshop in their everyday lives. Overall, Philippa is a diligent, articulate and compassionate leader who really knows how to get the best out of her audience. She is a pleasure to work with and, on behalf of Transport for London and the TfL Women’s Network, we look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Chair of TFL Womens network



“The Dare To Be Yourself group had the privilege of Philippa sharing her personal story and some striking insights into how to live a more fulfilled life.
If it was inspiration and hope people were looking for then Philippa certainly delivered. 
Her openness and energy provided a safe space for people to begin navigating their own journey with courage and confidence.  Philippa’s work is not just about surviving but also thriving so that we can all live the life that we deserve. 
I can strongly recommend Philippa as a speaker.  She uses her experience of working with dozens of women from a variety of backgrounds to enlighten, educate and empower the audience.”

Vernon James
Founder of the Dare to be yourself group



“EnterpriseTap runs a number of meetup groups, one of which is aimed at female entrepreneurs and freelancers. Philippa held a workshop on “Pricing with Confidence” for women within this network. Many of the women within the group had expressed concerns over setting pricing boundaries and undercharging for their services.

With an engaging tone and inviting smile, Philippa was able to address some of the underlying challenges they face that affected their ability to price their products or services with confidence. One of the women within the network boasts proudly of the pay rise she asked for and received once she was able to address these issues with Philippa and the other women in the group.

I will highly recommend Philippa to speak as the results we experienced with her remain unparalleled. With her warm persona and informative content, she was able to tackle the topic directly, without jeopardizing the welcoming atmosphere. We look forward to inviting Philippa back to future talks and events we have.”

Founder of Enterprise Tap



“Pippa Ibe is an amazing woman. When she started her coaching journey with me she was a really savvy and switched on accountant, with a flair for helping others learn, a quirky artistic streak, an ability to understand streamlining systems and processes, a sharp mind and a passion for truth and integrity.

But no part of her wanted to be an accountant, she was frustratedly unclear of her purpose… and she was terrified of being visible!

So began her process of discovery. And with patience, determination, ruthless self enquiry and enormous amounts of hard work that stretched her way beyond her comfort zone, she has transformed into a woman who has stepped fully into her power. 

Pippa’s understanding and awareness of energy, intuition and right mindset has catapulted her along a path that might have taken other people years. And in choosing to let her heart and soul guide her through her deepest fear and personal pain, she went through her own deep transformation and discovered her true path lay in supporting other women (and maybe a few conscious curious men) caught in a similar story to hers, who may be stuck and/or lack confidence.

Working with Pippa I know you would be in a safe pair of hands. You would have a lionhearted champion encouraging you to become the best that you can be, and the tools you need to step out of the cage of fear that might be holding you back in life.

She is an incredible change-maker, and I can’t wait to see her work transforming peoples’ lives.”

Cathy Ballard
Spiritual Business Mentor & Creator of The Flow Project Transformation Course
Herts, U.K.



“The exercises we completed were very useful, involving and motivating. I also learnt a lot about myself. Pippa is a good listener, she is motivating, open and she has lots of integrity. I admire her for her strength. I also learned to speak up more for myself…”

Property Consultant London, UK



“Philippa is driven to give her clients the very best. She wants to nurture their greatness and is willing to go every step of the way with them. She genuinely cares about helping women overcome their challenges and obstacles as she herself has done in her own journey. 
To describe her in one sentence: a polite straight-talking coach with a great heart.”

Yaa Antwi-Nsiah
Youth coach London, UK



Pippa listens to what is being said behind the words and drills down to specifics adjusting her approach to bring out the best in you. Pippa is a pleasure to work with and a trusted peer.

N Hussain, LLM
Confidence Coach Surrey, U.K



Philippa is a dedicated, passionate helping professional. She has displayed great personal strength by confronting her personal challenges and taking proactive action to heal and move on and upwards. She is a true trail blazer. She has revolutionized her thinking and is more than ready to help others do the same. It is so encouraging to have witnessed her growth over the past 18 months, her courage, determination and faith are highly valuable qualities that enable her to stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, Philippa is not afraid to take action, and in doing so, she is creating and living her personal dream, day by day.

Keeley Taverner
Founder of Key 4 Change



I recently had my initial coaching session with Philippa and found it incredibly eye-opening. With her knowledge and clear experience in the field she was able to directly personalise the session to give active support and great clarity. Thoroughly recommended. 

B Fox
Norwich, U.K



I felt more positive and confident and I smiled more (the activities made me see the fun side of life more).

Z Zarkova
Previous group workshop participant London, U.K.